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Discover the Mile-Highlights of Our HistoryBeech Mountain is located in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the world’s oldest ranges with some of the highest peaks east of the Rockies. Because of its mile-high elevation, Beech Mountain has some of the High Country’s coolest temperatures with summer temperatures rarely higher than the 70s.Beech Mountain’s rich history includes Cherokee hunting parties, European settlers, Civil War battles and moonshiners. It has served as the site of a camp for girls, a Wizard of Oz theme park, and now Beech Mountain Club.Beech Mountain was founded in the 1960s as a private resort development. The original investors built what is today Beech Mountain Resort as well as most of the town’s roads and utilities and many of the houses on the mountain. In 1975, the Beech Mountain Property Owners Association acquired, developed and expanded the ski area, golf course and the recreational and resort facilities. In May of 1981, the Town of Beech Mountain was incorporated by act of the N.C. General Assembly.Today, Beech Mountain is one of the southeast’s most popular tourist destinations and Beech Mountain Club is among the finest clubs in the High Country.f3

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