Policy for Transfer of Club Memberships

Purpose: This policy is intended to enhance the privileges and overall value of Club membership. Through this policy, active Club members (referred to hereinafter as “Club Member”) are entitled to transfer their primary Club membership on a temporary basis to another person (hereinafter referred to as “Transfer Member”).

How it Works: A Club Member wishing to transfer their membership must complete and submit a Transfer of Membership Application Form to Administration no less than 3 days prior to the desired start of the transfer period. Prior to the start of the transfer period, the Transfer Member must complete a credit card authorization form to which all Club charges will be applied. The Transfer Member will be issued a Transfer Membership card allowing them to access the Club as a member during the transfer period, with charges going to their own Club account. During the transfer period, the Club Member’s privileges are suspended. At the end of the transfer period the Transfer Member’s privileges are cancelled and the Club Member’s privileges are restored.

Policy: A Club Member may transfer their Club membership to another individual (a Transfer Member) under the following provisions/guidelines:

  1. The Club Member must be current and in good standing.
  2. Only Primary Club memberships can be transferred.
  3. The transfer is issued to one Transfer Member (to include spouse and children to age 23) only and the privileges transferred are the same as the Club Member’s membership type/level with the following exceptions:
    1. A Transfer Member is limited to 8 Accompanied Guests at any one time; Accompanied Guests pay appropriate fees
    2. Transfer Members can make tee-time and court reservations no more than 5 days in advance
    3. For transfer of Golf and Full Memberships, trail fees and annual cart fees do not transfer (i.e. Transfer Members must pay cart fees)
  4. Each transfer of membership shall have a minimum usage fee of 1 month (see #7: Transfer Usage Fee schedule).
  5. A Club Member may transfer their membership no more than 2 times per month.
  6. When membership privileges are transferred to a Transfer Member, the Club Member’s rights to access the Club are suspended in full for the duration of the transfer period. Only the Club Member’s voting rights remain.
  7. The Transfer Member shall be required to complete a credit card authorization form
    1. The monthly Usage Fee and Admin Fee shall be applied to the credit card upon start of transfer period
    2. All other user fees accrued during the transfer period shall be applied to the Transfer Member’s account and all charges incurred on account will be charged to the authorized credit card the day after the charge was made. The Transfer Member will be provided a charge history/statement upon completion of transfer period (or monthly if period is longer than a month)
  8. Transfer Usage Fees**
    1. Social: $160 per month Usage Fee
    2. Tennis: $180 per month Usage Fee
    3. Single Golf: $225 per month Usage Fee
    4. Full Membership: $225 per month Usage Fee
    5. **Club Member may, at their discretion, transfer a lesser Membership Level than their actual Level; in that case, the lesser Usage Fee applies as do lesser member privileges
  9. Club Member may transfer their membership – regardless of Club Member’s Dues Level – to a family member (family consists of parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren only) for a $90 per month Usage Fee.
  10. Transfer of membership is only available between May 1st and October 31st.
  11. A Transfer Member may join and participate in Club associations during his/her time of membership.
  12. Transfer Members will receive a copy of Club Rules at the time application is made and must sign an acknowledgement that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by all Club rules.
  13. The Beech Mountain Club retains the right to deny transfer of privileges based on review of the application and to deny privileges to assignee at any point during the transfer period due to violation of Club rules or policies.

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