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Rental FAQs

Due to the COVID-19 situation, some restrictions or limitations have been placed on Guest and
Unaccompanied Guest access. Please call Member and Guest Services at 828.387.4208, ext. 101 or 102
for up to date information. Thank you.

If I am interested in becoming a Member of the Beech Mountain Club, what do I do?

Please visit the Membership Sales office located on the right side of the Brick Oven Restaurant, 402-A Beech Mountain Parkway, across from Town Hall or call 828.387.4208 and ask about membership.

If I am not a member, can I use the Club Facilities?

Guests of members are welcome to use the Club in the following ways:

  1. Members may accompany their Guests while using the facilities. There are no guest card fees in this case, but user fees apply for some facilities.
  2. Members may sponsor Unaccompanied Guests who are renting their Club membership property. Member owned rentals may be managed by local rental agents who can assist you with rentals that provide Club access. Unaccompanied Guests must be registered by the member or their rental agent at least 72 hours prior to arrival. There are guest card fees and user fees for some facilities.
  3. Member owners of rental property may Transfer their membership temporarily to Guests. These are normally for one week or more and limited to twice a month for each Member. During the period of Transfer, the Member gives up their right to use the Club and the Guest is considered a Transfer Member with nearly all the rights and privileges of a Member including paying Member rates for user fees. There are fees associated with a Transfer Membership.

For more information about any of these options including fee schedules, please call Administration’s Member and Guest Services at 828.387.4208 or visit the office located at 103 Lakeledge Road. The office is open Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm, and Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm during the season, and Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm in the winter.

How can I make sure the Member or their agent complete the appropriate forms to sponsor me as an Unaccompanied Guest or Transfer Member?

First, make sure the home you are renting has active membership making guests eligible to use the Club. Not all rental property owners on Beech Mountain maintain active membership. Members and agents renting Club-eligible property should know about the Unaccompanied Guest Request Form or Transfer Membership Form. Please ask them to complete the appropriate form well in advance of your visit, and if they are not aware of the forms ask them to contact Administration’s Member and Guest Services at at 828.387.4208 for more information.

If I am a Guest, do I have to pay to use facilities or activities?

Yes, as mentioned above there are guest card fees or transfer membership fees in addition to user fees for some facilities and activities. The Member and Guest Services will assist sponsored Guests with either Guest Cards or Transfer Membership Cards.

How much are Guest Cards?

Guest Cards are $20/day or $70/week for every adult (age 13 and up) who wants to use Club Facilities. Children ages 5-12 are $10/day or $35/week and children ages 4 and under are free. Additional fees may be associated with facility use or participating in activities.

As a Guest, how can I pay for activities or for food?

As a Guest you may pay by Visa or MasterCard. No cash is accepted at the Club.

Does everyone in my family or group need a Guest Card?

Anyone ages 5 and up who wants to use Club facilities must purchase a Guest Card. Cards enable Guests to enter all Club facilities. Additional user fees apply for Fitness Center, Golf, Tennis, Pickleball and some Recreation Activities.

How much is it to play golf or tennis and how do I sign up?

Guests who have purchased Guest Cards may call the Golf Shop 828-387-4208 ext. 201 or Tennis Shop 828-387-4208 ext. 401 up to two days before play to reserve start times. Transfer Members may schedule times five days in advance for Golf and may participate in the lottery for Tennis court times. Fees vary by season and/or time of day. The Professional Staff will inform you of the applicable fees and discounts available.

Can I pay cash at the Restaurants?

The Club accepts Visa and MasterCard only at all points of sale.

How much is it to use the Fitness Center or participate in land or water-based Fitness classes, and how do I sign up?

Guests using the Fitness Center are charged an additional $5 per person per day or $25 per person per week above the cost of the Guest Card. Land-based Fitness Classes are $8/class or $220 for a season pass. Water-based Fitness Classes are $12/class or $150 for a season pass.

As a Guest, are there any time of day use restrictions for me to use the facilities?

The Wellness Center is closed to Unaccompanied Guest between the hours of 8am and Noon. There are discounted fees after Noon and Sunday morning for Golf, and after Noon for Tennis.

What do I do if I am going to arrive at a time when the Administration Office is closed?

Unaccompanied Guests whose Unaccompanied Guest Request Forms have been turned in to Member and Guest Services at least 72 hours prior to arrival, may contact Member and Guest Services to pay for their Guest Cards with Mastercard or Visa in advance of their arrival. Member and Guest Services will deliver Guest Cards to another Club location that will be open and will help you make the decision where you want to pick up your cards. Transfer Memberships must be handled in the Administration’s Member and Guest Services during regular hours.

If I am going to be a Guest for one week or more, is there a less expensive way to use the Club Facilities?

Depending upon which facilities you plan to use, a Transfer Membership may be a better option if the Member/Owner is willing to Transfer their membership. Transfer Membership fees for Social Memberships start at $160 for up to one month.

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