Rules for Members and Guests

Responsibilities and Conduct of Members

  1. Members are responsible for the conduct and actions of their dependents and guests.
  2. Loud or offensive language is not permitted on Club property.
  3. Members are responsible for repairing Club property damaged by themselves and/or their guests.
  4. Advertising in any form is prohibited on the Club premises unless approved by the General Manager. Subscription papers, solicitations, collection boxes, or appeals to members in any manner shall be a strict violation of the rules of the Club.
  5. Members are prohibited from accepting payment for services provided by the Club.
  6. Members should refrain from instructing staff in any manner. Personal favors and/or services performed by staff for individual members during regular work hours are not permitted.
  7. No member shall be abusive to or reprimand any employee of the Club. In the case of discourtesy or lack of service, complaints should be made to the General Manager.
  8. Written and signed comments submitted to the General Manager will result in appropriate timely response.
  9. Pets are not permitted within Club buildings and fenced areas.
  10. Decoration of Club property must have the approval of the General Manager.
  11. Each Member is expected to become familiar with Club rules (including department-specific rules mentioned below) and abide by them. Any member violating these rules and/or activity regulations shall be subject to reprimand; suspension or expulsion as set forth.


  1. Enter and exit on clearly marked driveways. Speed limit not to exceed 15 mph after entry into Club property.
  2. Parking is allowed in designated areas only (the areas provided for loading and unloading must only be used for this purpose).

Misconduct of Members

Any member who violates Club rules or who conducts himself or herself in an inappropriate manner shall be subject to censure and suspension of privileges.

Examples of Misconduct

It is not possible to list all the forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable for Club members, but the following are examples of conduct that may result in censure or suspension. This is only a partial list and is by no means to be considered as all- inclusive.

  1. Immoral, disorderly or indecent conduct including the use of abusive, profane or threatening language.
  2. Engaging in acts of violence or threats of violence, fighting, horseplay or negligent damage of property.
  3. Willful disregard for Club rules.
  4. Possession, distribution, sales, transfer or use of illegal drugs.
  5. Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of Club property.
  6. Sabotage.
  7. Unauthorized use of Club equipment or property, including accessing facilities or programs without paying appropriate fees.