History of Beech Mountain Club

The history of Beech Mountain Club starts over 60 years ago. In 1961, a dentist from Birmingham, Alabama, Thomas Brigham, purchased a large tract of Beech Mountain land. He planned a ski resort development on top of the mountain. Brigham became involved in politics and sold the land to the Robbins brothers in 1962.

Harry and Grover Robbins were originally in the sawmill/lumber business. They soon became interested in resort development at Beech Mountain after their success with the Tweetsie Railroad Attraction (Blowing Rock) in 1955, Rebel Railroad (Pigeon Forge) in 1961 and later the Hound Ears Resort.

The Robbinses purchased the lands both on top of Beech Mountain and in Banner Elk under the name of Appalachian Development Corporation during the years between 1965-67. They joined other investors and created Carolina Caribbean Corporation in 1965. The name evolved from the coupling of their Beech Mountain resort with their St. Croix resort in the Virgin Islands.

To promote land sales, the Carolina Caribbean Corporation enhanced the mountain with a ski resort, a summer recreation area, a golf course, and a theme park. The ski area (now Beech Mountain Resort) opened for business in the winter of 1967.

In 1969, Carolina Caribbean Corporation constructed an Olympic-sized heated pool, 4 tennis courts, a bathhouse, and a gazebo all situated on property now owned by the Beech Mountain Club. The first 9 holes of the golf course were also completed that year. The remaining 9 holes of the golf course opened in 1971.

In early 1972, a Property Owners Association Board of Governors was established to improve relationships with the Carolina Caribbean Corporation hierarchy. In 1975, Carolina Caribbean declared bankruptcy.

After the bankruptcy, the ski area, the recreation facilities, and infrastructure (all assets) were under the control of the Bankruptcy Court and the bankruptcy Judge. The Judge allowed the POA to run the ski operation for a while, and they also maintained security, roads, recreation facilities, etc.

Maintaining the roads and infrastructure was very expensive and the POA could not enforce the collection of dues, so they petitioned the State legislature for a town charter to tax property owners. With the Town of Beech Mountain established in 1981, the Judge divided the former assets of Carolina Caribbean between the POA and the Town. The Town took over the infrastructure, and the POA continued to operate the recreation facilities.

To fund the operation of the recreation facilities, the POA billed property owners’ dues. Those that paid the original dues assessment were considered members of the POA, and those that did not pay dues were dropped from the membership rolls and could no longer use the recreational facilities.

On December 30, 1983, Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of Beech Mountain Property Owners Association were filed with the Secretary of State. Among other amendments, this filing changed the name of the POA to The Beech Mountain Club.