Non-Property Owner Membership Options

After 50 years of operation with property ownership as a requirement for Club membership, the Beech Mountain Club is now offering a limited number of memberships to Non-Property Owners (NPO)! This means that regardless of where you reside, you no longer need to own property within the town of Beech Mountain to enjoy our amenities – including golf, tennis, pickleball, dining options, and more!

Members of the Beech Mountain Club overwhelmingly voted to offer this new membership option. The Board of Directors, members and staff are very excited to be able to expand our Club to surrounding communities. If you are interested, you can email Member & Guest Services or call us at 828.387.4208.

Our Deal of the Decade has been extended through December 31, 2021, which allows you to take advantage of joining the Club at low rates!

Dues levels, and what each level includes, are as follows:

  • Social Membership: $2,115 includes unlimited family access to the Fitness Center, Pickleball Center, food service outlets, Pool, Recreational Department facilities and events (event fees may apply), and Alpen Haus. Daily rates are available for unlimited golf and tennis play.
  • Single Tennis Membership: $2,520 includes unlimited single access to Tennis, plus above.
  • Family Tennis Membership: $2,730 includes unlimited family access to Tennis, plus above.
  • Single Golf Membership: $3,780 includes unlimited golf greens fees for one, plus above.
  • Full Membership: $4,830 includes unlimited golf greens fees for the member family, plus above.
  • Multiple Membership Property: $1,270.
  • Open to those who own property within the Beech Mountain town limits, as well as a limited number of non-property owners.
  • Use of Club facilities is limited to members and their guests.
  • The most economical way to join The Club is to make your decision BEFORE your property closing date.
  • Call us (828.387.4208) to help you select a membership level and to arrange for the most up-to-date membership status on the property prior to your closing.
  • $500 Application Fee on properties with current/active Club membership status.
  • $2,000 Reinstatement Fee on properties that have never had Club membership, or are not currently active.
  • $2,020 Reinstatement Fee for non-property owner memberships that are not currently active.

If you would like more information about becoming a member, or are interested in taking a tour, please submit the contact form below.

If you are already a Club Member with a question about a Club event or activity, please contact our main office at (828) 387-4208 for assistance.


Photo credit Kristian Jackson