BMC Leads the Way with Pickleball in the High Country

Beech Mountain Club was the first to bring Pickleball to the NC high country. In 2012 one of the Club’s Board members (Pete McDonald) suggested that we should consider bringing Pickleball to the Club. The other 8 Board members (and management) responded with “Huh? Pickle what?”

That winter management took a trip to The Villages in Florida to see what Pickleball was. Upon returning, management agreed – we needed to bring Pickleball to Beech Mountain Club. In the summer of 2013, a temporary “trial” court was lined under the Club’s pavilion and clinics were offered to members. There was more than enough interest for the Board to see fit to build the Club’s 3-court Pickleball Center which opened in the spring of 2014. In 2017 the Center was expanded to 5 courts to help accommodate the growing interest and activities within our Pickleball program. Following BMC’s lead, The Town of Beech Mountain, the Avery County YMCA, the Rock Gym in Newland, and several area Clubs have started Pickleball programs of their own.

Under the direction of BMC’s Pickleball Coordinators/Instructors, Bob and Elizabeth Higginbottom, our summer Pickleball program expands well beyond just member play to include the hosting of numerous events. This summer we will host 3 Pickleball Boot Camps providing formal instruction to over 90 players. Additionally, for the fourth consecutive year we’ll host a Pickleball Ambassador Retreat where more than 40 regional Pickleball Ambassadors will gather to learn how to further grow the game. Finally, in August, over 150 players from as far away as Texas and Michigan will compete in Battle on Beech 5, our annual high country Pickleball Tournament.

We are proud of our leadership role in bringing this terrific sport to the High Country. Click here to view our Pickleball Center, to see a video and learn more about the Club. Please give us a call at 828-387-4208 ext. 205 with any questions. Or for more information just fill out a contact form.