As you would probably imagine, a small town on top of a mountain has a very close-knit community. With approximately 350 year-round residents, the Town of Beech Mountain is greatly influenced by the ebb and flow of our seasonal residents and vacationers. During the summer months, the average weekly population increases to about 6,000; during ski season, it swells to 10,000.

Locals are experts in rolling out the red carpet to thousands of individuals each year, or in our case… lush green mountain-sides in the summer; a riot of autumn colors in the fall; white-rime ice covered trees in the winter and pastel rhododendron and flaming azaleas in the spring. The mountain’s natural beauty calls out to families living in cities throughout the year.

This past May the entire community, led by the Parks and Recreation Department produced a new event to celebrate a season that normally doesn’t draw huge crowds to the mountain…our rainy season. What does a town do with a lot of precipitation in a very short time on miles of hiking trails? Well, they produce an event, “In Cold Mud,” designed for families to play together and get “dirty”.

A picture is worth a thousand words and the video link below is an even better way for you to experience this incredible new event…minus the mud. Please sit back and relax and hit the play button to view why families know that Beech Mountain is the coolest place to vacation…even in the rain! The Beech Mountain Club was proud to be a part of this family event. Should you like more information about The Club and our family activities, please request more information here.